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The Circus is Coming to Town

Ringling Brother’s, Barnum and Bailey’s “Greatest Show on Earth” is hitting town this Wednesday.  While I prefer small shows under the Big Top, thousands of kids are going to get a taste something many of us hold fond memories of.  

Elton John

The Rocket Man is Coming To Richmond

I don’t normally cover big events at the Coliseum, but I couldn’t not report on this. Sir Elton John is coming to Richmond for one show on Saturday, March 18th 17th. Tickets start at $38, which is VERY cheap. This guy is a monster. If you can go, you should go, but I’m sure tickets […]


750,000 Entertainment Starved People

This vintage photograph comes to us via Vintage Richmond. The late afternoon shadows give the Coliseum roof a cool spiral effect. Forty one years later plans for a replacement are gathering dust.

Watch the Races with Nutzy

Flying Squirrels Special:

Meta Chatter on the Coliseum

The comments on the RTD site are all over the board, including one just made here an no small amount of hostility to the city. A new building would be in the same condition of the Coliseum in 10-15 years if it is built in the city, anyway, so why bother? The City has shown […]

MPW: Build Coliseum Now!

In contrast to Edwin Slipek’s piece, Michael Paul Williams makes a case for building a new coliseum sooner rather than later reflecting some of the same arguments made here earlier. Someday, the Richmond Coliseum will have a face not even the Colonial Athletic Association could love.

CAA Tourney Underway

Here’s the schedule.  Watch out for traffic delays this weekend.

Edwin Slipek on The Coliseum

In this week’s Style, architectural critic Edwin Slipek, takes on the Coliseum and and its proposed replacement. As usual he has some pungent comments. True, the great public arena looks like a gargantuan, bronzed Big Mac that landed from space.

How to Build a Better Richmond

From Ron Melancom comes ideas on how we can rebuild Richmond instead of why we can’t.  I agree with folks who objected to my support for a new coliseum in that Richmond doesn’t need a greater tax burden.  Here’s a way of spreading and reducing that burden that could be used for any capitol improvement […]

Coliseum or Bust?

As expected a proposed new coliseum near the original has kicked up a lot of dust. From Venture Richmond: A coliseum consultant has recommended that a brand new arena with 14,000 to 15,000 seats, depending on configuration, be constructed downtown between 8th and 10th streets, next to the existing Richmond Coliseum site. A real alternative […]

Off to the Races

Living social is offering 1/2 off $26 tickets to Arena Racing at the Coliseum on January 22.  This looks like all the noise, fumes, cars and maybe carwrecks of NASCAR, for a fraction of the price.   There will be a repeat performance on March 22. From Living Social: For just $13 (regularly $26), park […]

Looking for Some 4 Point Action?

The Harlem Globetrotters bring their trademark comedy and basketball extravaganza to the Richmond Coliseum Sunday, Dec. 26th.  Word has it the Washington Generals are going to steal this one, but I kinda doubt it. Some hype from the Richmond Coliseum: Throughout the 2011 North American tour, every Globetrotters game will now feature two designated 4-point […]