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Occupy Richmond and others will be staging several demonstrations around downtown today. The schedule appears after the break should you wish to participate in, watch or avoid the action.

Occupy Richmond Moving Back Downtown

“We stood our ground, and will now focus our efforts towards the downtown and urban neighborhoods within Richmond,” the group said in a statement. “Phase two of Occupy Richmond will consist of multiple community-service projects and experiments, urban community outreach, large- and small-scale demonstrations and educational forums. We will be working closely with various other […]

Tea Party Meets Occupy Richmond in Jackson Ward

Chris Dovi reported in a recent article for Salon.Com that the Richmond Tea Party and Occupy Richmond met recently to explore what common ground, if any, they could agree on. Members of the Occupy Richmond and local Tea Party movements found acres of common ground during an unlikely meeting held Tuesday at a (fire) police […]

Occupy Richmond

Occupational Hazard

Occupy Richmond will be on the march today as #occupy groups from around the state and around the country converge on Richmond for a solidarity Rally.  Occupiers will gather at Monroe Park and march through Monroe Ward on their way to Kanawha Plaza. Protesters say the rally will begin at Monroe Park at noon, with […]

A Conversation With Lt. Hood

At the HJWA meeting Tuesday night, the meeting had barely been called to order when Lt. Hood rose to speak.  He got straight to the point, Jackson Ward and surrounding communities were experiencing a sudden spike in crime.  He handed out a crime map with 13 individual robberies since October 1st, most of them coming in […]

Occupy Richmond Occupies the Richmond Police

Lt. Hood presented an update* tonight on the local crime situation.  Anybody who knows him knows he doesn’t pull punches.  Among the most concerning comments he made was about the strain the Occupy Richmond movement puts on the police manpower at a time when all available resources should be patrolling our streets.  Any public event […]

Occupy Richmond Occupies Jackson Ward

via Not welcome in Monroe Park, your friendly neighborhood occupiers marched through Greater Jackson Ward to where they occupied Festival Park.  According to protesters, the police were going to allow them to stay until 3:00 AM.  There was some violence reported in Monroe Park when a protester was arrested. “We didn’t expect this because we […]