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Sector 412 October Newsletter

During the month of October 2010, Sector 412 experienced a decrease in major crimes (violent and property) as compared to October 2009. Officers from Sector 412 increased patrols in areas impacted by crime and distributed crime literature in neighborhoods to raise the level of awareness to help with this reduction. Violent Crime in October: 14 […]

Gooden arrested after police chase in Chesterfield

A local man was arrested yesterday after leading the police on a 4 mile chase: O’Neil A. Gooden, 34, of the 1800 block of West Moore Street was arrested and faces a series of misdemeanor charges, including driving on a suspended license, reckless driving, possession of marijuana, possession of a concealed weapon and having a […]

Vivid reminders of its industrial past

Edwin Slipek Jr.’s Other Side of the Tracks is a look at the recently renovated Southern Stove Works complex at the edge of Newtowne West: It’s with the new finishes — stair railings, landings, balustrades and light fixtures in interesting mixtures of materials and colors — where Walter Park added light, highly contemporary touches. What’s […]

Free gym access for Newtowne West Civic League members

VCU offers any resident of Newtowne West who is a paid member of the Newtowne West Civic League free membership to all VCU/MCV Gym facilities. Annual membership in the Newtowne West Civic League costs just $10 for individuals, and $15 for families. [via]

A look at Newtowne West

Local photographer Cadeho has posted a set of photos of Newtowne West to the forums over at Richmond City Watch.

Notes from Pantele’s 2nd District Meeting

After a move over to the Children’s Museum, Bill Pantele’s 2nd District Meeting opened with just over 60 people in attendance. He touched in district concerns and the Richmond city government, and then opened the floor for questions…

Roe convicted in Simms shooting

Preston Darnell Roe (of the 1200 block of St. James Street) was convicted of being an accessory to murder for his part in the Dec.6, 2005, shooting of Jerald Demond Simms in 2000 block of Moore Street in Newtowne West. [via]

New in Newtowne West

Our neighbors to the west, the resurgent Newtowne West, will soon welcome hundreds of new residents as the Southern Stove Lofts are now leasing units.

a brief Carver-Newtowne history lesson

Check out this 25-page A History of the Carver and Newtowne Neighborhoods by Kathryn E. Colwell. [via]