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Beignets are Back! Louisiana Flair reopens on Monday

Part(y)ing Shot on Grace Street

Chef Nate Says Goodbye

RVANews published a well deserved tribute to Chef Nate on his final day at Louisiana Flair. “This is my love,” says Nate of his restaurant. He speaks as if Louisiana Flair is not a restaurant, but a girlfriend, a first girlfriend. “I work 12, 14, 16 hour days. I love her this much so I […]

Going Out of Business New Orleans Style

Save Louisiana Flair

I was pretty sure something like this was coming.  There has been a huge reaction to the news that Louisiana Flair Cajun Restaurant would close at the end of this month.  As a matter of fact, ever since the announcement was made the tables have been full and po’ boy sandwiches have been flying out […]

Powdered Sugar War 1

You’re Fired!

So some two years on, I’m still cruising in my part time world. I’ve latched on to a job at my favorite neighborhood joint, and I’m part of a working class team that serves good food to regular folks. I’m going under financially, but somehow–and by that I mean I have no idea how–I’m getting by. My rent gets paid, and I get to spend the rest of my time delivering the news from Greater Jackson Ward. I know this can’t last forever, but I’m reluctant to cut it short.

Then BOOM!

Chef Nate is closing Louisiana Flair

Sad news from the Louisiana Flair Facebook page today: Chef Nate is closing up shop due to a lack of money. Read his touching letter to his customers after the jump.



Every Wednesday @ Lousiana Flair 7:00 – 10:00 am

Cajun Feast with Chef Nate

via The Marinara The idea behind the Sunday Supper series is for Richmond area chefs and restaurateurs to host meals inspired by their childhood. Prepared only for limited group of guests, the meal will consist of items that are above and beyond the regular menu. The chef will join diners for the meal and explain […]

Son of a Gun We Had Good Fun

It was a wild time down at Louisiana Flair yesterday where they pulled out all the stops for Mardi Gras. Despite the crowds, everybody seemed to be having a good time. Chef Nate reports no casualties among the staff. This RTD video captures the fun and backroom fury perfectly.

Mardi Gras 2011-03-04_10-27-52_536

Mardi Gras on Grace Street

Louisiana Crawfish Boil on Friday

via Louisiana Flair Facebook Page. BREAKING NEWS!!! Chef Nate @ Louisiana Flair has just announced a Crawfish Boil for this Friday! The boil will start at 11 am and run till the food sells out. Get here early. 322 E Grace St 612-9066 Find it on Google

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