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Carver Project Gets Two Thumbs Up

  This comes under the category of “Yesterday’s News”, the result of our Thanksgiving Weekend News Holiday. via the RTD: (11/23/11) Gilbane Development Co.’s plan for the 136-unit, 406-bedroom apartment complex in the 1200 block of West Marshall Street picked up a key endorsement of the Planning Commission this week and now heads to the City […]

Come and Listen to a Story about a Place called Carver

Commentator Brooks Smith brings his Rediscovering Richmond Series to the Carver Community. It doesn’t break much new ground, but if you don’t know the 4 names Carver went by or who first owned the land or just enjoy a few minutes of Richmond history, you might want to listen to this. The link will take […]

Carver Fires Personal

A Carver resident reports that the current fires are a repeat of fires set a month ago. They believe they are being targeted personally.  

Arson Strikes Carver

Just received from the RPD: The Richmond Police Department is asking for the public’s help with an arson investigation in the Carver section of the city. On Saturday, September 24th two fires were set at approximately 6:45 a.m. at adjoining residences at 905 and 907 Bowe Street. They were discovered by occupants of the building […]

The Magpie sign

This Magpie Can Sing

Seems like food writers around Richmond, having given them the necessary waiting period, are wasting no time checking out Carver’s latest contribution to the local gastronomy.  This time local photographer and food writer pjpink takes on a delicious (looking) 8 course meal (split 2 ways) at the Magpie.  Here is her opening salvo. Between the […]

The Magpie gets a Short Order

Style Weekly tells the happy story of The Magpie in this week’s Short Order. Satisfaction comes in many forms, but one of the sweetest is when a nine-month project brings a couple even closer together, and culminates in shared tears of joy. It isn’t exactly a baby, but the Magpie, a neo-Victorian treasure box of […]

Abandoned in Carver by Brett Busang

Carver Gets the Style Treatment

Style Weekly explores Carver's endless search for an identity. Always a work in progress, Carver must reconcile an aging housing stock, an influx of VCU related developments, an older resident black population and younger home owners looking for a bargain. What is Carver? Well you'll find a clue here, and here. Read Style's article and see if they have a clue. Read an excerpt after the break..

Be on the Lookout for a Blue Bike

carver break-in near VCU hey cool cats if anyone happens to see my bike around let me know. You can identify it by it being kickin’ rad with a touch of awesome and some person who is a total douchebag may be riding it around There’s more fighting words on tumbler.  I assume you can contact the owner there.

Marshall Street Housing Project

Developer Seeks Delay in Council Vote

According to the RTD, Gilbane Development is seeking to avoid an up or down vote tonight on their proposal to build a 163 unit, 498 bedroom development on the 1200 block of Marshall Street.  Originally 477 units and 895 bedrooms, the revised proposal was rejected by the planning commission last week.  The Carver Area Civic Improvement League voted […]

Cast Iron Seared Antelope

Corn Dog Lobster Tail

Richmond Engine

Train to Nowhere

This picture is part of a mural on the former Liquidation Warehouse building in Carver.  Liquidation Warehouse moved to Chamberlayne Avenue this month in anticipation of a major student housing development scheduled to replace it. The development was rejected by the Planning Commission earlier this week. Now both are looking at an uncertain future. Related Links: […]

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