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Contrails over Jackson Ward


Taken last night on my walk home along Jackson Street looking Southwest.

talk of the town

The Talk of the Town

Here’s a nice pic from PJPink’s Jackson Ward collection.  Last summer, “Talk of the Town” was just that as things spun out of control on Broad Street.

The Milk Jug Makes the (RVA) News

Jackson Ward’s very own larger than life milk bottle is the “Pic of the Day” over at RVANews. Click the Pic to see the original

The Golden Tower - 2012-01-02_16-47-08_271

The Golden Tower

Under certain conditions, the late afternoon winter sun lights up the CNB tower like an aztec temple.  For a few seconds to a few minutes it shines like gold.  You’ve got to have your camera ready.  It disappears quickly and you may not see it again till next winter.  Here’s one I took last January. […]

Jeffersons Temple 2011-01-01_07-13-13_880

New Year’s Day One Year Ago

I didn’t make my planned photo expedition this morning, so here a peak at last year’s trip. Happy Holiday and Happy New Year. I hope it’s a good one.

Early Morning Light2011-12-23_06-58-43_265

Early Morning Light

A Gilpin Sky

Taken on a chilly Friday Afternoon with a sky full of ice crystals. First published on year ago today. I looks like it could have been taken this morning.

Fritz’s Kitchen

Fritz’ kitchen, like his whole apartment is a piece of living art. He has a storage system that only he understands, but for the most part he knows where everything is, even if they are all stored in identical looking coffee cans. First published Dec. 14, 2010

butterfly on 2nd st

Butterflies on 2nd Street

These butteries and flowers brighten up this tree planter next to Ettamae’s on 2nd Street.  See the full picture after the break.



On Watch 2011-05-07_13-55-37_714

On Watch

Where am I?  

Green on White on Clay Street

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