Gray Wyatt Perlys

Perly’s Gray Wyatt: “The future does not look bright”

via Facebook:

As you no doubt have heard, I have had to close Perlys. The simple fact is that expenses have exceeded revenue to the point I can’t continue. I have been fortunate to enjoy 29 years of meeting and feeding all you wonderful folks. I know I am disappointing a lot of people but frankly my options have been exhausted. And I am too. I apologize to my staff and others whose lives I have upset by allowing this to happen. The future does not look bright but never say never. If I can somehow turn this around, I will. Thank you all for your support through the years.

Photo Credit Michele Kayal


  1. #1 • Barry O'Keefe •

    I wonder if a fundraising campaign could solve this!

  2. #2 • Don O'Keefe •

    Don’t let it be true.

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