Partial Building Collapse on Grace St

The front wall of 219 E Grace Street collapsed onto the sidewalk early this morning.  This is one of two buildings  that didn’t get renovated after  ”Little Baghdad” nearly burned down in 2007.  Anybody who is familiar with this building will not be surprised.   Not so long ago there was a tree growing out of the  roof.  The 200 block of East Grace has come a long ways in the past few years with a new Cuban restaurant, new apartments, storefronts and a soon to be finished artists lofts and work space.  Sometimes small disasters like this are the impetus it takes to get buildings the repair they need.  Here’s hoping private enterprise will step up to the plate soon.


  1. #1 • tyler •

    did this effect the adjacent richmond camera building at all?

  2. #2 • paul_h •

    It doesn’t look like it, but that building is in pretty bad shape too.

  3. #3 • Brett Busang •

    I’d characterize it as a karmic, rather than a seismic, event.

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