Taking a Breather

Greetings all. I thought I should explain the sparsity of content recently.  I am taking a break from daily participation here.  I do this reluctantly, but I find it occasionally necessary to step back from the work and it takes to research, write and otherwise maintain this site.  I hope to return, but in the near term I will be posting only occasionally.  If you want to participate in this project in any way, tips, story ideas or submissions, send them to and it will be forwarded the good people at RVA News.   When time allows, I hope to be back here telling the story of Jackson Ward, downtown, Carver and the rest of Greater Jackson Ward.  In the meantime I you can reach me a .

Ciao for now!


  1. #1 • Phil •

    Thanks for all that you do! It’s appreciated. Catch you on the other side of your break.

  2. #2 • Matt •

    Thanks Paul. This is a great, valuable neighborhood blog!

  3. #3 • charles f •

    Paul, thanks for carrying the mantle of this site for the past few years. I’m sure it was taxing but I hope someone else will step in while you’re away.

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