Tarrantino’s Coming to Brook Road

In the current edition of Style, Deveron Timberlake reports that Tarrant’s owner Ted Santerella will open a new restaurant, Tarrantino’s, at 305 Brook Road. Nicknamed “Tino’s”, the restaurant will feature

“fresh seafood, buckets of rotisserie and fried chicken, barbecued meats and a big vegan selection will give him a chance to try out dishes that won’t fit on the Tarrant’s menu. Affordability will be a factor, portions might be slightly smaller, and the appeal of a balcony and outdoor dining will give some oomph to the vintage location.”


  1. #1 • Holly •

    How exciting! We love Tarrant’s and Tarrantino’s pizza and would love to see an additional resturant in the area with more to offer.

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