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Mansion five26 Gets a Thumbs Up

Unlike a previous review the RTD’s Dana Craig found it was all good in her review of Mansion five26.

  • Ham Drop Biscuits … elevated them to heaven on the cheap
  • Fried oysters so flavorful we almost didn’t need the Cajun remoulade
  • lethally creamy mashed potatoes.
  •  lemon mascarpone cake was deceivingly light yet wonderfully decadent.
  •  an upscale meal without the upscale pretense or prices

Now if they could only do something about that goofy name.  How about Taylor’s?



  1. #1 • ronald stallings •

    I am sorry to see that you (as a journalist/editor??) have need to interject your personal opinion into what I felt (Fedbiz) was an objective information source. I have grown up on if you can’t say something nice, then say nothing at all. We happen to like the name of the restaurant, and nobody that works, or is associated with the restaurant, is named Taylor.

  2. #2 • paul h •

    I’m sorry if my offhand comment was misunderstood, it entirely tongue in cheek. I was thinking of the Taylor Mansion. Everyone in the neighborhood, including myself, hopes this venture is a big success.

  3. #3 • jwwatcher •

    I happen to think the name is cool – it helps folks remember their address!

    Congrats to Mr. Stallings and all his “people” – it’s a great place to take out of town guests to eat (I’ve dined there twice already) and the Speakeasy is a fun place to meet up with friends. If you haven’t done so already go by on a Saturday night and enjoy the live music, jam’in drinks, delicious small bites and no cover charge in their Speakeasy. So great to have a place like this in Jackson Ward.

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