The Leigh Street Armory

The future home of the Black History Museum.

It is also know as the First Battalion Virginia Volunteers Armory. Here’s an excerpt from a long article I found on the African American History Sites Database

The First Battalion Virginia Volunteers Armory is the oldest Armory structure in existence in Virginia, one of six original armories in the city and one of only two that survive in Richmond. It is believed to be one of the oldest African-American armories in the United States. The First Battalion Virginia Volunteers Armory was built in 1895 after 10 years of lobbying led by John Mitchell Jr., editor of the Richmond Planet Newspaper, and the commander of the Richmond African American militia, Major Joseph B. Johnson.


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    what a fantastic choice by the BHM. I will miss hearing their annual jazz banquet, and the kind, passionate people who work there. Thank goodness, someone will make good use of the wonderful Armory. Thank you BHM.

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