river city rollergirls fundraiser

Give the River City Rollergirls a Lift

Help keep the River City Rollergirls on the road this year. Check out their Facebook Fundraising page. If you don’t, some big, tough, beautiful women are going to come over and make you wish you had.

RCR is traveling over 6,500 miles for away games in 2012! That is about as far as driving from Richmond, Virginia to Tijuana, Mexico and back! That’s about $1,500 in gas, about 72 hours of driving, an average of 591 miles round trip per bout, and about $135 worth of gas per travel bout, and that doesn’t include food or lodging or misc costs.

It adds up quickly, since all our skaters pay out of pocket for their travel expenses. We hope you’ll donate to our cause, because every little bit helps!

The River City Rollergirls are a 501(c)3 Federal non profit, so your donation is tax deductible.

You can get a list of all our exotic travel destinations here!

When you donate, you’ll even get a shout out on the RCR Facebook and Twitter Pages so you can brag to all your friends! (You can also donate anonymously)


  1. #1 • Tameka Peters •

    Thank you so much Greater Jackson Ward News for your continued support to the River City Rollergirls. We could not be more grateful!!!

    Love Lucy
    River City Rollergirls
    Vice President & Skater Relations Chairwoman

  2. #2 • Christina Flippin •

    We truely appreciate your support Greater Jackson Ward News!!! Thank you so much for including us on your website. Its so true, every little bit counts!

    Finger Flippin’ Good # 321
    River City Rollergirls
    Fundraising & Skater Relations Committee

  3. #3 • Brika Reese •

    Thank you so much for your support of us ladies! We thank you for your time and for helping us get the word out.

    Dark Vader
    River City Rollergirls
    Skater Relations & Awareness

  4. #4 • Michelle Lyon •

    Thank you, Greater Jackson Ward News for your support!! We truly appreciate your help!! MUCH derby love! <3

    Pirate Killings
    River City Rollergirls
    Injured List & shirt maker

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