Eggleston Plaza/Croaker’s Spot Approved

With only Charles Samuels speaking out against the lack of parking, City Council unanimously approved the Eggleston Plaza project. Developers are only required to find 15 parking spots within a quarter mile for the 31 unit residential and retail building. There was little desire amongst anyone to slow this project down even with the parking problems. So the good news is a batch of new housing and the rebirth of Croaker’s Spot in Jackson Ward. The bad news is you wont’ be able to park anywhere near it. Something is going to have to give here and it may be a couple of businesses.


  1. #1 • facebook_scudder.wagg •

    I don’t live in JW, just nearby, so I can’t speak to the lived experience of parking around there, but my anecdotal experience has been it’s not too hard to find on street parking if you’re willing to look. Plus, the last parking study the City had done (in 2009) indicated that during peak parking times there were 495 mostly on-street spaces available in the Jackson Ward neighborhood. Sure, most of those won’t be at the Croaker’s Spot front door, but they won’t be that far away.

  2. #2 • Brent •

    As a resident I can attest to the fact that there is plenty of parking.

  3. #3 • Paul Hammond •

    Where do you live, Brent?

  4. #4 • Chip •

    In light of making Richmond a more ‘walkable and bikeable’ city, who needs cars?

  5. #5 • Amanda •

    Parking in Jackson Ward as a whole isn’t bad, but 2nd street can get quite crazy, especially when the Hippodrome is having an event. Seems to me that the verdict is: you either park close, or enjoy a block and a half of exercise.

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