Nicks Market

Nick’s Market Makes The Minimalist

The Minima {List} tells the world something we already know:

On the corner of Monroe Street and West Broad lives one of the best sandwich shops in the city. A small and modest produce market and deli, Nick’s International Food Market has been a staple of Broad Street for decades.

See what else they have to say about our favorite delicatessen.


  1. #1 • Sherri •

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Nick’s Market! Everyone should support this wonderful Richmond institution. Great market, awesome meats and cheeses, best olives, wonderful staff (Hi Tony!) –

  2. #2 • Tim Vidra •

    I have been eating and supporting Nicks for many years! Also one of the better places for take out when visiting customers or clients. If I ever have meetings at a customers site I get take out from Nick’s and always include a pan of baklava! My customers always comment how wonderful the food is! What an impression to leave!


  3. #3 • Christie •

    Thanks for the post Paul! The Minimalist team loves Nick’s and are happy to spread the word!

    Christie Thompson

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