Is a downtown arts district finally on its way?

Consider this news from the RTD:

After months of talks with Mayor Dwight C. Jones’ administration, City Councilman Charles R. Samuels introduced last week an ordinance to create the Historic Broad Street Arts District for much of the area that is being revitalized by the monthly First Fridays Art Walk.

If approved, the district would cover about 27 blocks generally along Broad, Marshall and Grace streets from Belvidere Street east to North Seventh Street. It also would include portions of North First, North Second and North Third streets in Jackson Ward to take in properties such as the newly renovated Hippodrome Theater.

I wonder how this news fits in with Mayor Jones self proclaimed press conference on the Future of Downtown?


  1. #1 • Burt •

    While tomorrow’s press conference may reference the new Arts District plan, it’s likely the main subject will be financial support for Theatre IV/Barksdale at The Empire as well as future upgrades to the property and its artistic aims. Neil and Sara Bell November have been very generous in their support of theatre in Richmond — especially Barksdale.

  2. #2 • Burt •

    As suspected, today’s press conference announced a large contribution to Theatre IV from Neil and Sara Bell November.

    Here’s the story from today’s RTD:–ar-1426555/

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