The Magpie sign

This Magpie Can Sing

Seems like food writers around Richmond, having given them the necessary waiting period, are wasting no time checking out Carver’s latest contribution to the local gastronomy.  This time local photographer and food writer pjpink takes on a delicious (looking) 8 course meal (split 2 ways) at the Magpie.  Here is her opening salvo.

Between the earthquake and Hurricane Irene, we discovered a little birdie called The Magpie. And wow! can this bird sing. I had been following them on Facebook while they were in the midst of construction and now they take advantage of the medium to communicate delectable specials. The special that drew me in was a seared flatiron steak with lobster tempura tail, golden beet gnocchi, green beans, oyster mushrooms in a mushroom broth.

A mouthwatering picture awaits you after the break

Get yourself over to River City Food and Wine for the rest of the tour.


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