The Wingnuts Take an Art Walk

Here’s a different point of view of what happen last Friday during the art walk from Mo Karn and her fellow Wingnuts (Their term, not mine).  After an initial confrontation with the cops, here’s some of what they reported.

Trailing various pairs of piggies (Cops), we watched as they told almost every group of black teens they encountered that they had to keep moving on the sidewalk so that people could get by. I had a hard time distinguishing how those teens were any more of an obstruction than the various booths, vendors, or other people (stationary or mobile) on the sidewalk. Or how the groups of white teens who they let stay were any more important, had any more right to the sidewalk. What was easy to distinguish was the difference between who was being harassed and who wasn’t. I saw not one white person (besides copwatchers) being told by police to move, bothered about where they were standing, asked what they were doing.

It was very clear that the function of police at this point was to facilitate white people’s enjoyment of the art walk by isolating them in their own privileged culture, from the culture of people who comprise the majority of inhabitants of the area, and for that matter, of Richmond. 

There’s lots more where this came from.


  1. #1 • SEW •

    Perhaps it is because the white people weren’t causing the problems? Nawww…that wouldn’t be it would it?!?!?

    These crazy wingnuts are another thing that’s wrong with this city.

    The cops are not pigs by the way, they should be commended for trying to keep the peace and facilitate a First Friday event that doesn’t end in mayhem.

  2. #2 • Pat Duffy •

    Not all black people were causing problems, but all the problems were being caused by black people. It is what it is…

  3. #3 • SEW •

    #2 agreed…I could have said what I said a bit better…

  4. #4 • paul_h •

    via Facebook:

    Rebecca wrote: “Confused – how can they make an argument that the police only “harassed” minorities that night when they, who from the picture in the article appear to be caucasian, were allegedly “harassed” also. I am young as well and walked by Rite Aid during all of the hoopla that went on this past Friday. Unlike these folks, the police didn’t give me a second look because I wasn’t looking to provoke them. Clearly this group was doing something that caused the police to perceive them as a threat, seeing as police are professionals trained to look for indicative body language, etc in a potential riot situation. These folks sound like they went into the entire ordeal with a spiteful attitude towards law enforcement, and it sounds like the RPD picked up on that pretty quickly – good for them. While it is sad, it is true – it’s quite obvious that the same groups (comprised of young African Americans) were causing trouble. I see this every First Friday in my neighborhood. And again, perhaps the police were “harassing” these groups because they are trained experts who know what dangerous signs to look for in the wake of a potential riot. I disagree with the author – I don’t think the police are doing ENOUGH to combat the First Friday riots. While it seems like profiling, it is very clear by this point which groups are the ones who do not know how to conduct themselves in public. When I am trying to walk home to my apartment on a First Friday, I don’t feel comfortable as a young woman walking through hordes of rowdy people in the sidewalk. What the author classifies as harassment are the actions that make me feel safe in my neighborhood.”

  5. #5 • SEW •

    Well said Rebecca!

    If it taked “profiling” to combat this, so be it.

    These wingnuts people dp nothing to help sotuation like this. They do these things to provoke a response and it sickens me that they don’t beliece that they are part of the problem.

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  7. #6 • Richard •

    Hey Mo how many times have you given the middle finger to the police? So some respect to people that are trying protect us from people like you.

    With all those guns in your house and all poop stirring you and friends do in the neighborhood, it only a matter of time when you going to be on the phone crying for the police to come to protect you.

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