Powdered Sugar War 1

You’re Fired!

Well, not exactly, but something strange did happen to me when I learned right here that the job I left Tuesday morning no longer existed Tuesday afternoon.  Sometimes life throws you curveballs, sometimes you get a face full of powdered sugar.  Find out which is which here.


  1. #1 • Amy •

    Ouch. Would have hoped you’d be the first to know.

  2. #2 • dadathome •

    Sorry to her about your job loss. Must have been the day for it. I went to work @ Penzeys in Carytown Tuesday and received a phone call that night that I was fired. Turns out the Penzeys people let all of their employees go. Brought in people from other stores to run the place. No warnings, no indications that this was going to happen.

    Good luck finding a job and maybe I’ll see you out there, but if I were you, I wouldn’t apply at Penzeys. Suddenly finding out your fired could happen again.

  3. #3 • SEW •


    Sorry to hear that. I may have to rethink my shopping at Penxeys…that’s pretty crappy!

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