Flash Mob Casting Call

Have you seen those amazing online videos with large groups of people suddenly appearing and performing in unison?

They are a sensation, and go by the name “flash-mob”. I don’t like the name either. BUT, the exciting news is that one is coming to Richmond!!! You have the chance to not only witness one of these mass events, but to participate.

Are you free Saturday, June 25th?

Can you watch a video on

Would you like to be a part of something BIG?

Do you want a free T-shirt?

If you answered yes, then we’d love for you to fill out the short form below. Someone will contact you about this opportunity.

Each participant will receive 1 complimentary ticket to Barksdale’s Broadway Musical, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and a free T-shirt.

via Barksdale Theatre: FlashMob.


  1. #1 • Rahma •

    Am I too late?

  2. #2 • paul_h •

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