Chef Owen Lane to Open “The Magpie”

Veteran Chef Owen Lane, formerly of The Track and numerous other restaurants in Richmond is working on a restaurant of his own to be called, The Magpie, in the former Leigh Street Bar and Grill.  An ABC license has been applied for and interior work is well underway.  Chef Lane’s plans are for a modestly priced upscale restaurant.  Opening date is scheduled for sometime in July.

Chef Lane’s bio (via Style Weekly Oct 2007)

He’s worked with high-profile chefs and big professional kitchens, and he’s cooked at some of Richmond’s smallest bistros. There will be a point when Owen Lane, 30, will strike out on his own. But for now he’s running the kitchen at The Track, Carytown’s venerable fine-dining spot, and building a reputation for his American contemporary cuisine.

It’s not the most obvious place for an up-and-comer to find his culinary voice, but Lane manages to please the filet and mussels crowd while exciting the foodie — pan-seared duck breast on a savory Belgian waffle with greens, topped with strawberry-balsamic jam, for example. “There’s always an idea to twist,” Lane says. “And it’s fun and gratifying to see people smile when they taste it.”

You can follow “The Magpie’s” progress on Facebook.


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