Ada Gallery Wows NYC

From the press release:

We are excited and overwhelmed by our success during Armory week in New York. This was our first year at Volta NY, a young fair founded in Basel in 2005 that is uniquely refreshing in that each booth exhibits the work of just one artist.

For our inaugural year at Volta we exhibited the work of the legendary underground filmmaker George Kuchar. Although Kuchar has won countless awards for his films, including grants from The National Endowment for the Arts, The Rockefeller Foundation, and The Maya Deren Award for Independent Film, among many others, his photographs, underground comics and watercolor paintings have not yet been widely exhibited. The response at the fair was incredible–long time fans were excited to see photographs and paintings by their favorite filmmaker, and others were introduced to Kuchar for the first time.

During the art fair, and continuing to pop up on the internet are quite a few glowing reviews of Kuchar’s work at the ADA Gallery booth in the press.

Paddy Johnson of Art Fag City awarded us the Golden Fag Award, saying “Who had the best all round booth at this year’s New York fairs? With so many fairs it’s not hard to name just one: ADA’s George Kuchar booth at VOLTA. ADA’s Kuchar easily clinches this year’s award for exposing art fair viewers to one of the most under appreciated, yet widely influential artists of his time.” ART FAG CITY link here

Additionally, Art Info wrote two separate pieces highlighting George’s work at Volta, naming our booth the “most notable” in the fair.  ART INFO link here

There are too many mentions on various art blogs to name them all, see below for more links.


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