The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Here’s a sample of the good, the bad and the ugly this past year.

The  Good:

  • End of Jackson
    It’s nice when you can feature a friend.  It’s even nicer when that fits into a larger story important to the community.  Many things converged on this story so that I could do both.  I wish they were all this way.

The Fun:  These stories weren’t exactly what they seems, but they were fun to write:

The Scoops:  There’s nothing better than to beat the big boys to the punch.  Some important stories were broken here.  Some stories were only covered here.

African American History:

These are great because they are not what I expected.  Instead of a chronical of oppression, I found a history of pride and accomplishment and a collection of interesting people.  These are just a few recent stories.

The Bad:  There were too many crime stories to report this year, especially in Gilpin.  Some days, like yesterday, I just want to ignore them, but part of my job is to report the bad news.  Bad news is frequently big news.  When I can, I try to put a human face on it.  Whether it’s the perpetrator or the victim, it’s often a young life that is being thrown away.

Read these stories under Crime.

The Ugly: The worst is to get the story just plain wrong.  I’ve had a few near misses this year, but one just smacked me between the eyes.

A Sign of Things to Come?
I thought I had something here.  One thing we need in downtown is ordinary retail.  We’ve got galleries, museums, and restaurants out the wazoo, but just try to be a pair of nice shoes, some underwear and socks or a television.   When I saw the “new” Lane Bryant sign on Grace Street, I thought it was a sign of things to come.  Turns out the sign’s been there for years.  Mea culpa.  Had I jumped on the MCV rape story, it would have been much worse.

That’s my year in review and my last Holiday post of the season.   We’ll see what the new year brings.  I’m quite certain it will be interesting.


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