Petition circulating on favor of parking restrictions

Jackson Ward neighbors are seeking a parking restriction to help ensure that residents can more readily find parking:

“We have a problem particularly during the day when people who work downtown, city hall, MCV, state, come in to the neighborhood, park their cars and leave them all day,” said Historic Jackson Ward Association President, Charles Finley.

Finley is hoping to change that. He and several other residents have started a petition hoping for signatures from neighbors to make designated areas for residents only.


  1. #1 • BFD •

    Be thankful you do not have parking restrictions and stickers now. From my memories of living in the Fan, parking restrictions are more of a hassle than actually finding a parking place.

  2. #2 • Rochelle Dean •

    Does anyone know how i can get in touch with Mr. Finley?

  3. #3 • chuck •


    You can contact Mr. Finley via the Historic Jackson Ward Association web site ( or by e-mail to

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